5 Things You Need To Know About Our New Dental Warranty

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA- Say you just received a dazzling set of porcelain veneers that have granted you the smile you’ve always desired. How are you going to protect them?

Dr. Robert Walley’s patients can enjoy the assurance of Dental Warranty. This no-fault coverage plan is applicable to important restorative and cosmetic dental work, like crowns, veneers, bridges, implants and root canals.

You can choose to pay a small fee during the original procedure, which ensures dental work will be replaced or repaired with no out-of-pocket expenses, should your dental work become damaged by an unlucky encounter with a sticky snack, a fly ball, a hockey puck, anything. Dental Warranty is full accident protection.

“Life happens,” says San Francisco dentist Dr. Walley. “We understand. Dental Warranty grants patients the assurance that their investment will be protected, regardless of factors they can’t control.”

Here are five significant facts that every patient should know about Dental Warranty.

1. Dental Warranty protects your investment. You can protect the investment you’ve placed in your dental health with Dental Warranty. Instead of enduring the costs of repair after dental work is damaged or needs to be redone, our affordable warranty will cover the value of the original treatment. For example, if a set of veneers costs $1,200, patients covered by Dental Warranty won’t pay for replacements that total $1,200 or less.

2. Dental Warranty is flexible. No two smiles are alike. Patients often require personalized treatments that are tailored to meet their unique oral health needs. Different dental solutions come with varying risks, costs and benefits. Dental Warranty allows Dr. Walley to recommend a suitable amount of coverage, but nothing is forced. Suggested warranty length is available for up to five years.

3. Dental Warranty has you covered, even if it’s your fault. Dental Warranty is a no-fault coverage plan. Even if you are responsible for the damage, you are still covered. Sit back, relax and enjoy the peace of mind Dental Warranty provides.

4. Only outstanding dental professionals can offer Dental Warranty. Not every dentist can supply this service. Dental Warranty Corporation only allows dental professionals who have met or exceeded a stringent set of requirements to offer coverage. Dr. Walley’s remarkable expertise has allowed us to provide full accident protection to you at a great price.

5. Dental Warranty is mobile. Moving to another city or dental practice? Your coverage will tag along. If you purchase a five-year warranty, that’s exactly what you’ll receive- regardless of outside circumstances. 

Have any other questions regarding Dental Warranty? We would love the opportunity to address your concerns and inquiries. Please contact us today for a complimentary consultation.