Experience, Skill Allow Dr. Walley To Meet All Of Your Dentistry Needs

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA- There are countless factors that contribute to your oral health. To best address and resolve issues that threaten your teeth and gums, we at Robert M. Walley, DDS provide all phases of dental care.

Dentistry encompasses more than the occasional routine cleaning. Dr. Walley’s remarkable expertise allows us to provide you with complete general, cosmetic and restorative family dentistry- all in one location. When all of your dental care needs are met under one roof, you save time and money.

Experience and longevity in the industry is key to supplying such a wide range of quality services.
Dr. Walley has been in practice for more than 40 years. He attends continuing education every month to ensure his services are the best available.

“I’ve been a dentist for a long time, and I’m having a blast,” says Dr. Walley. “I find so much enjoyment in learning the latest techniques and providing the most complete care possible to my patients.”

Here’s a quick overview of the comprehensive dental care you can experience at our San Francisco

General Dentistry

Thorough, professional cleanings are just the tip of our general dentistry iceberg. Teeth and gums are susceptible to infection and disease. Dr. Walley puts his dental skills to work while performing the procedures necessary to resolve a variety of oral health issues.

Instead of using outdated and unsightly amalgam fillings to treat cavities, we use tooth-colored, ceramic-based fillings to repair teeth after the decayed portion is removed. This solution is natural in appearance, comfortable and completely unnoticeable to the naked eye. We also use ceramic crowns to guard damaged teeth from decay and restore the tooth’s natural shape.

Oral DNA, an easy method of identifying disease-causing perio-pathogenic bacteria in the mouth, is used in our office to better treat periodontal issues. Gums play a major role in your oral and general health. Oral DNA allows us to address the specific threats to your periodontal health, which leads to more effective and efficient treatment.

In addition to these services, fluoride treatments, modern root canals and dental implants are among our general dentistry repertoire.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We don’t just clean teeth- we make them shine. A bright and beautiful smile improves facial aesthetics, professional appearance and delivers a serious confidence boost. Dr. Walley’s expertise in cosmetic dentistry provides patients with life changing smile transformations through a few proven and powerful techniques.  Before dental work even begins, we show you a model of what your new, gorgeous smile will look like. We want you to be confident in the decisions you make with us.

The popular Zoom teeth whitening method is used in our office to brighten teeth up to eight shades in only one hour. Simply sit back and relax as we coat teeth with a powerful whitening gel. Light from a specially designed lamp then triggers the gel’s whitening properties to break up stains and reveal a beautiful, glowing smile. Professional grade take-home whitening trays are also available.

Veneers are another viable option for patients who are left unsatisfied with the appearance of their teeth because of cracks, chips, stains or gaps. Thin, porcelain shells that mimic the tooth’s coloring and opacity are bonded to the front of teeth, creating a beautiful smile that’s completely natural in appearance.

Restorative Dentistry 

For aesthetic and health reasons, teeth that are damaged should promptly be restored. Dr. Walley is skilled in administering restorative solutions that return health and functionality to your smile.

Bridges are one way we replace missing teeth. Artificial teeth that are completely natural in appearance slide over existing teeth and are used to “bridge” the gap where one or more teeth are missing.  Similarly, crowns are used to improve the shape of a damaged tooth and guard it from further injury.

Dr. Walley’s skill enables him to perform all stages of dental implant procedures. Dental implants are a permanent answer to tooth loss that sustains the jawbone and allows you to eat whatever foods you please. This is the best way to restore bite function. Facial aesthetics are also greatly improved with
this solution.

We invite you to experience our comprehensive dental care for yourself. Give us a call today to set up a complimentary consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve your dental health goals, no matter what they are!