Better Teeth, Better Gums: How Invisalign Can Aid Periodontal Health

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA- We all know Invisalign can correct malocclusions and supply a serious confidence boost, but the smile perks don’t end there. Gums enjoy the benefits of aligned teeth, too.   

Averting a nasty case of periodontal (gum) disease may not be the primary motivation to seek orthodontic treatment, but San Francisco Invisalign Elite P rovider Dr. Robert Walley knows that Invisalign treatment leads to improved dental and periodontal health.

“When teeth are aligned, it allows for a proper bite and a snug fitting gum line,” says Dr. Walley. “These two factors play a key role in whether you are more likely to get gum disease.”   

The purpose of orthodontic treatment isn’t solely to create a pretty smile. Arranging teeth in optimal alignment allows the teeth, gums and bite to function in harmony. Malocclusions disrupt the bite, which can promote plaque accumulation and hinder periodontal health.

Teeth, gums and the bite…these factors are incredibly intertwined. Truly healthy gums can’t be achieved unless teeth and the bite are positioned correctly.

Here’s why: when a patient with a misaligned and crowded smile eats, food particles are easily wedged or hidden between crooked teeth. Routine brushing and flossing practices may not be enough to eliminate the stubborn plaque. This lingering plaque and bacteria around the gum line will trigger irritation and, eventually, gum disease.

The likelihood of developing gum disease only worsens in such patients, since gums rarely get a secure fit around teeth that are crooked and overlapping. Pockets between the teeth and gums create a perfect spot for plaque to nestle and harmful bacteria to spread.

Periodontal disease is more than an annoyance that causes gums to bleed when flossing.  It’s a bacterial infection that can spark a host of dangerous oral and general health conditions, including tooth loss, jawbone deterioration, cardiovascular disease and dementia. To help prevent the onset of gum disease, we at Robert M. Walley, DDS offer an easy and effective orthodontic solution in Invisalign.

Invisalign achieves optimal teeth alignment and bite position through a series of clear, plastic aligners that are engineered to shift teeth comfortably and efficiently. It’s the perfect method for adults and teens seeking to avoid bulky orthodontic appliances. Invisalign’s technology and discreetness allow for a pleasant and accelerated treatment experience. Every smile is unique and requires personalized attention, but the average duration of treatment with Invisalign is only about one year.

Please contact us to learn additional information about the dental and periodontal health benefits Invisalign can provide. Dr. Walley and our friendly staff are eager to assist you in achieving beautiful, strong teeth and gums.