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How Parents Can Win the “Brushing Battle” With Children

SAN FRANCISCO- We all know good dental health begins in childhood. Actually getting kids to brush and floss their teeth, however, is easier said than done. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, so let’s discuss ways parents can prove victorious in the brushing battle with their children. Here are six: 1. Begin early. It’s […]

Study Claims Dental Issues May Have Hindered 2012 Olympic Athletes

SAN FRANCISCO- To participate in the Olympics, athletes must be in peak physical shape and outstanding health…right? Research from 2012’s London Olympic games suggests otherwise.  Professor Ian Needleman of the University College London Eastman Dental Institute led a study to learn how dental health problems affect the world’s finest athletes. At the 2012 London Olympics […]

Poor Dental Health Harms More Than Your Mouth

SAN FRANCISCO- Having a sparkling smile and breezy dental appointments shouldn’t be your only motivations for achieving good oral health. Did you know the condition of your teeth and gums impacts overall health, too? “The oral cavity isn’t isolated from the rest of the body,” says San Francisco dentist Dr. Robert Walley. “In fact, the […]

Four Stinky Reasons Your Breath Is Bad

SAN FRANCISCO- Have you ever received that subtle nudge from a friend suggesting you reach for some mints? Millions of Americans live with embarrassing bad breath, known medically as halitosis. Sadly, no amount of minty freshness can mask the underlying causes of foul breath.  “Unpleasant breath hinders confidence and your ability to converse with those […]

A View of Your Oral Health That Goes Beyond Teeth & Gums

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a crystal ball to predict every health ailment and prevent it from becoming serious? When it comes to periodontal disease, we have a crystal ball of sorts in the form of a powerful diagnostic tool: OralDNA testing. Periodontal disease – also known as gum disease – is called […]