Beautiful Restorations Offered in One Visit with CEREC

Picture it: work and family life pull you in lots of directions, but you have to get a crown on a tooth. Traditionally, you’d have to schedule time off work for two dental appointments – one to prep your tooth and take an impression so a crown could be fabricated, and a second appointment to bond the crown
in place.

Life just got better. The addition of a CEREC machine in our office means we can do all of this in a single office visit.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and CEramic REConstruction. The CEREC machine by Sirona is a Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Aided Manufacturing system.

The process begins with Dr. Robert Walley preparing your tooth for the crown by reducing the tooth structure a bit. Then we use a special camera to capture 3D images of the tooth. This information is relayed to our computer, which designs your crown while you wait. 

“The need for a temporary substitute is eliminated if you’re getting a single crown or you’re having to restore one or more dental implants,” San Francisco cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Walley says. “People always seem to be in a time crunch these days, so being able to get all of this treatment done in one visit means less time off work. Our patients love it.” 

The traditional method of getting a crown required patients to live with a temporary while their impressions were sent to a dental lab where the permanent replacement was fabricated. If the temporary came off or got lost before the permanent replacement arrived, that resulted in yet another trip to
the dentist. 

Look Good, Feel Good

The ceramic we use to fabricate your crown is incredibly durable, long-lasting and biocompatible. It also is matched to the shade of your neighboring teeth. The finished result is a beautifully restored tooth that looks, feels and functions just like your natural teeth. 

CEREC isn’t just for crowns. It can be used to fabricate ceramic inlays and onlays, too. 

While CEREC can’t be used for every case, it is a viable option for a wide variety of restoration cases, Dr. Walley says. 

A Solution for Fearful Patients

CEREC also is great for fearful patients who’ve had negative dental experiences in the past. Knowing they can get everything done in one appointment often prevents fearful patients from prolonging treatment. 

“Prolonging treatment never is good because it enables small problems to become bigger issues that potentially are more costly to fix,” Dr.Walley says. 

It also provides more convenience for high-anxiety patients. Those who request oral sedation to calm anxious feelings prior to dental treatments must be driven to and from their appointments, which requires coordinating schedules with a friend or loved one who can go to their appointments with them.

Patients who are candidates for CEREC only will have to take oral sedatives and coordinate their transportation once instead of at least two times .

Please call our office if you would like to learn more about this technology. You can schedule an appointment if you would like us to determine whether you are a candidate for it.