Make a Plan For Dental Emergency Situations With Our San Francisco Dentist

When you experience an emergency, or surprise dental problem, our San Francisco emergency dentist is here to help. We know that it is impossible to fully plan ahead for emergency dental problems: after all, that’s why they are called emergencies!

However, there are things that you can do ahead of time to make life easier if and when you do suffer from an emergency.

1. Who you gonna call?

This first thing to do is to find a dentist whom you will call in the event of a dental trauma. If at all possible, establish a relationship with this dentist, so that they’ll already be familiar with your oral health needs prior to an emergency. Make sure to make a note of your go-to dentist, so that your friends and family have access to this information.

2. Know how to help yourself

There are things that you can do before you get to the dentist’s office in order to help your smile.

If, for example, you lose a tooth, you should hold on to the tooth and keep it viable if at all possible. If the tooth fits back into the socket, you can gently rest it in there until you get the dentist’s office. Alternatively, you can keep the tooth in a glass of milk to help keep it alive. And, regardless, do not remove oral tissues/nerves that may be hanging from the tooth.

Here’s another tip: retain any pieces of a tooth that may have cracked or chipped off. Your dentist can use these as reference points when crafting dental restorations.

No one wants to deal with a dental emergency. However, you can take some simple steps to ensure a positive outcome in the face of dental trauma. If you want to learn more, or if you need to schedule a consultation with our dental team, please call our San Francisco dentist.