The Intricacies of Root Canal Therapy Explained By Our San Francisco Dentist

There are few dental treatments that are more well known among patients than the root canal. Although many people dread root canal therapy, and even avoid restorative dental treatment due to fear and anxiety, modern root canal treatment is both effective and straightforward.

In this short article our San Francisco dentist is going to be explaining the ins and outs of root canal therapy. We hope that this information helps you understand why this treatment is so important for many dental patients!

When does a patient need root canal therapy?

A person needs to undergo root canal treatment when his or her tooth is severely damaged—down to the dental core. The inner layer of the tooth is filled with tissues and nerves—this inner core has dental roots that extend through the bottom of the tooth and into the gum/bone tissue.

Root canal treatment clears away all of the inner core or the tooth, including the roots. The goal of this treatment is to save the healthy parts of the tooth, and avoid tooth loss.

During root canal treatment our dentist will:

· Remove infected/compromised material in the dental enamel and the dentin

· Remove the inner nerves, tissues, and roots of the tooth

· Sterilize the remaining dental structure

· Fill and restore the tooth, so that it will look natural, and function effectively with the rest of the patient’s smile

Modern dental technology has made root canal treatment more comfortable for the patient than ever before. Many people report that root canal treatment is a similar experience to receiving a conventional filling.

If you are dealing with severe dental damage, please do not hesitate to get the restorative treatment that you need. Root canal therapy from our San Francisco root canal dentist can, quite literally, save your smile.