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Tips On At Home Oral Hygiene From Our San Francisco Dentist

Every day you have the chance to make good decisions for your smile, and boost your oral health. Your at-home oral hygiene routine is critical to maintaining oral health. So let’s learn a little bit more about what you can do to protect your smile. Our San Francisco dentist will be able to tell you […]

San Francisco Invisalign Dentist Explains How Invisalign Promotes Good Oral Hygiene

Most dental patients gravitate towards Invisalign treatment because they want to improve the aesthetics of their smiles. Invisalign undoubtedly delivers exceptionally attractive results, but did you know that Invisalign also provides some oral hygiene benefits? Our San Francisco Invisalign dentist is here to tell you how Invisalign affects the health and cleanliness of your smile! […]

Straighten Your Smile Your Way With Our San Francisco Invisalign Dentist

When it comes to improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry treatments, you want to pick a cosmetic option that is going to fit into your daily life. Many dental patients are choosing Invisalign to straighten their teeth precisely because this treatment is so intuitive and customizable. Let’s learn more about why San Francisco Invisalign might […]

San Francisco Wisdom Tooth Dentist Has Patient-Friendly Treatment Philosophy

Wisdom tooth extraction is a necessary treatment for many dental patients. When problematic wisdom teeth are not removed, the dental patient may experience considerable pain and discomfort as well as adverse oral health affects. Our San Francisco wisdom tooth dentists provide the straightforward, convenient wisdom tooth extraction that people need to stay well. Today we […]

San Francisco Dentist Helps You Avoid Issues With Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth are, for many dental patients, potentially painful nuisances. And if your wisdom teeth are impacted, you are even more prone to having discomfort and oral health problems. Our San Francisco wisdom teeth dentist removes these problematic teeth so that people can maintain their healthy and attractive smiles. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, […]