San Francisco Wisdom Tooth Dentist Has Patient-Friendly Treatment Philosophy

Wisdom tooth extraction is a necessary treatment for many dental patients. When problematic wisdom teeth are not removed, the dental patient may experience considerable pain and discomfort as well as adverse oral health affects.

Our San Francisco wisdom tooth dentists provide the straightforward, convenient wisdom tooth extraction that people need to stay well. Today we are going to be talking about how wisdom tooth extraction progresses, and our office’s specific treatment philosophy.

The first thing that our dental team will do is to assess what type of extraction you require. If your wisdom teeth are partially emerged, for example, we may be able to pull your wisdom teeth as we would pull any other type of tooth. If, however, your teeth are impacted—meaning they embedded in your jawbone—we will surgically extract these teeth.

Because wisdom tooth extraction (especially of impacted or damaged/infected teeth) will likely limit the amount that you can chew, etc., near the extraction site, our dental team only removes, at most, two wisdom teeth per appointment. This extraction philosophy minimizes the extent to which you need to modify your daily life post-treatment, because you’ll always be able to use once side of your mouth.

Our wisdom tooth extraction plan allows patients to maintain their daily routines during the wisdom tooth removable process. You really can minimize the amount of discomfort and disruption associated with wisdom tooth extraction!

If you want more information about the wisdom tooth removal process, please feel free to contact our San Francisco dentist to learn more. You can also schedule a consultation with our dental team. During your consultation we’ll be able to take a look at your smile, and, ultimately, give you more personalized information about what your treatment process would entail. We look forward to speaking with you soon!