Tips On At Home Oral Hygiene From Our San Francisco Dentist

Every day you have the chance to make good decisions for your smile, and boost your oral health. Your at-home oral hygiene routine is critical to maintaining oral health. So let’s learn a little bit more about what you can do to protect your smile.

Our San Francisco dentist will be able to tell you if you need to tailor any of these recommendations to suit your needs.

The American Dental Association recommends that all dental patients brush and floss their teeth daily.

1. Brush your teeth twice a day—once in the morning and once at night

2. Every time that you brush, make sure that you sustain brushing for at least two minutes

3. Brush gently, as overly aggressive brushing can actually lead to gum irritation and dental enamel thinning

4. Use a toothbrush with bristles that are appropriate for your smile, for most dental patients this means using a soft bristled toothbrush

5. Make sure that the head of the toothbrush fits comfortably in the back of your mouth

6. Floss your teeth every night before you brush—this enables you to dislodge dental debris and plaque and then brush it away

7. Floss between every tooth, and move the floss down into your gum line

8. Choose a type of floss that fits comfortably between your teeth—you should be able to move the floss up and down and side to side between your teeth

9. Use a clean section of your length of floss to clean between every tooth

Optimizing your oral hygiene routine is pretty simple, and it can pay off big time for both the health and appearance of your smile. So call our San Francisco dentist office if you want to learn more about at-home dental care—we are here to help you make great decisions for your smile!