San Francisco Dentist Offers Wide Range Of Restorative Treatments For Busy Dental Patients

Our San Francisco dentists know that sometimes, despite our patients’ best efforts, dental damage just happens! We are here to tell you that there are a number of treatments available that will help you regain a healthy and beautiful smiles after dental damage. Let’s learn more about them!

If you develop a crack in your dental enamel, or if you chip a tooth, our dental team may be able to correct the damage using dental bonding. This treatment allows our dentist to fill in and rebuild damaged portions of a patient’s tooth using custom-shaded dental resin. As the resin cures it bonds to the tooth structure, and becomes hard and stable. Because the color of dental bonding is totally customizable, you won’t be able to tell where your bonding ends and your natural enamel begins!

When you are dealing with more severe dental damage, our dental team may place a tooth-colored crown to rebuild the affected tooth. Our office is equipped with CEREC technology, which allows us to design, construct, and place your porcelain crown in just one appointment. Thanks to CEREC you no longer have to worry about wearing a temporary crown until your “real one” comes in.

Dental veneers can also be used to cover slightly damaged enamel. These thin porcelain restorations are designed to be sturdy, stain resistant, and natural looking.

If you are suffering with a dental infection that has travelled to the center of your tooth, our dental team may recommend root canal therapy in order to treat the infection. Once the tooth is clean and sterilized, we will cap your tooth with a natural-looking crown to finish the treatment process.

Dental damage occurs for a number of different reasons, but no matter what your experience, we have the treatments you need to regain oral health. So call our San Francisco dentist to learn more or to schedule your personalized consultation!