San Francisco Wisdom Tooth Dentist Helps You Understand The Philosophy Behind Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is a very common treatment among adult dental patients. If you have questions about why wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary, or how it works, please keep reading this short article from our San Francisco wisdom teeth dentists.

By the time you are a teenager, your adult teeth have likely emerged—you may think that at this point your smile has done all of the growing that it is going to do! However, you actually have more teeth waiting to emerge—these are your wisdom teeth, and they sit behind your second molars on the top and bottom of your smile.

Generally, wisdom teeth begin to emerge in the patient’s late teens or early twenties. Few people have enough room along their gum lines for wisdom teeth to emerge fully. Plus, wisdom teeth often come in at horizontal or slanted angles. For these reasons, you may experience:

· Dental cavities and gum disease around your wisdom teeth, as it is very difficult to keep them clean

· Pain and pressure in the back of your smile

· Persistent bad breath as bacteria take root around your wisdom teeth

· Changes in dental alignment, because wisdom teeth put pressure on your existing smile

When our team removes your wisdom teeth, we free up space along your gum line, and help you avoid problematic dental infections. Dr. Walley has a specific treatment protocol when extracting these teeth—he only works on one side of your smile in any given appointment. He has found that this makes the recovery process much easier for his patients. You don’t have to take days off of work and severely limit your diet in order to have your wisdom teeth extracted.

To learn more about wisdom tooth extraction, you can call our San Francisco dentist, or reach out to our team through the Contact Us page on our site. We are here to help you make the best decisions for your smile!