San Francisco Wisdom Tooth Dentist Explains Specific Extraction Philosophy

Timely wisdom tooth extraction can make a big difference for both your long and short term oral health. Our San Francisco dental team provides wisdom tooth treatment for patients of many ages. We know that this treatment process can seem confusing and daunting for many people. That is why, today, we are taking the time to review the extraction process, and our specific treatment philosophy.

The general purpose of wisdom tooth extraction is to remove your third set of molars—these teeth sit in the very back of your smile, and they usually don’t start to emerge until your late teens or early twenties.

Now, wisdom teeth can cause a number of problems when they start to emerge:

· Partially emerged wisdom teeth are difficult to clean—they often become prime spots for cavity development and gum disease development

· Most patients do not have enough room along their jawlines for wisdom teeth to emerge; as your wisdom teeth come in, your existing smile may be become crowded

· Wisdom teeth often emerge horizontally or diagonally

· Some wisdom teeth are impacted, and cannot emerge out of the bone tissue

When our dental team performs wisdom tooth extraction, we eliminate these problematic teeth, and free up space along your jawline.

Dr. Walley’s goal is to make wisdom tooth treatment as simple, fast, convenient, and comfortable as possible for the patient. For this reason, he does not extract all four wisdom teeth in one appointment; rather, Dr. Walley only extracts teeth from one side of your smile at a time. This allows you to keep up with your daily routine during the treatment process—you don’t have to suffer through a difficult post-treatment process in order to complete wisdom tooth treatment.

If you want to schedule a consultation with our San Francisco dentist to learn more about wisdom tooth extraction, please give our office a call!