Dealing With A Dental Emergency? Follow These Tips From Our San Francisco Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies stressful, upsetting experiences. Our San Francisco dentist is here to help you stay as calm as possible after a dental trauma, and to make the right decisions regarding your smile. Keep reading to get some tips on what to do in a dental emergency.

1. Save as many dental materials as possible

If you lose a tooth, try to keep the tooth in its socket so that it stays viable for as long as possible. If the tooth does not go back into the socket easily, do not force it; keep the tooth in a glass of milk until you can get to the dentist’s office. If there are dental tissues or nerves attached to the tooth, try to keep them intact.

2. Seek treatment ASAP

In cases of premature tooth loss, it is best to see your dentist within an hour or two of losing the tooth—this gives our dental team the best chance of reinserting the tooth in such a way that it will take root in your smile again. If you have cracked or chipped a tooth, schedule an appointment for as soon as your dentist is in the office and available.

3. Do not apply medications etc. directly to the affected are

It is best to avoid putting aspirin or numbing agents directly on your oral tissues or teeth—these can cause additional damage. Numb the area with an ice pack applied to your outer cheek for safe pain-management.

4. Don’t panic!

Remember, no matter what type of dental trauma you are dealing with, our dental team provides a wide range of restorative treatments that can rebuild your smile. Don’t panic, and don’t despair!

Our San Francisco emergency dentists are here to provide you with any additional information that you may need regarding dental trauma. Please don’t hesitate to give us call, or to contact us through our website.