San Francisco Dentist Provides Transformational Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

Our San Francisco restorative and cosmetic dentists provide a wide range of treatments to suit all kinds of patients. Sometimes, people are able to achieve their dental goals by completing just one or two preventive and restorative treatments. Other times, however, a dental patient requires more extensive treatment—this may take the form of full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction is a general term that we use to describe cases in which our dental team combines treatments in order to totally transform a patient’s smile. Every full mouth reconstruction case is different, but there are some treatments that are commonly employed.

The first goal of full mouth reconstruction is to restore the health and stability of the smile. We will treat any existing cavities, and perform root canal therapy if necessary. Root canal treatment allows our team to eliminate dental infections that have spread to the core of a patient’s tooth. We can then restore the tooth with a customized restoration. We will also start you on a treatment plan to combat existing gum disease if necessary.

We can even rebuild parts of your smile that are missing. We offer dental implant treatment, for example, in order to replace individual missing teeth. Implant-stabilized dentures are a great option for treating rampant tooth loss in a short period of time.

Full mouth reconstruction is also focused on the aesthetics of the patient’s smile. Many of the restorative treatments that we provide also deliver aesthetic benefits; the dental restorations and fillings that we use, for example, are all exceptionally natural looking. On top of these types of treatments we may recommend professional dental whitening, composite bonding, or Invisalign treatment to help you achieve your goals.

The best way to find out what treatments your full mouth reconstruction may include is to schedule a consultation with our San Francisco restorative dentists. Give our office a call to schedule a time or learn more information!