Learn All About The Things our San Francisco Dentists Keep In Mind When Performing Full Mouth Reconstruction

One thing that really sets our San Francisco dental office apart from other practices is that we are able to take on full mouth reconstruction cases. Patients in need of full mouth reconstruction usually have a number of ongoing oral health issues, and they likely want to make aesthetic improvements to their smile as well.

Full mouth reconstruction allows our team to completely transform a person’s smile—visually and functionally. When we start off on an oral reconstruction case, we’ll consider:

The patient’s most pressing oral health issues

The first thing that we need to do is to determine if the patient is suffering from any infections/oral damage that need immediate treatment. We want to make sure that we halt any ongoing oral deterioration. If, for example, a patient comes in with a severely damaged or diseased tooth, we will likely perform a prompt root canal in order to keep the infection from spreading to other teeth/oral tissues.

The patient’s ideal post-treatment smile

We’ll talk with the patient about what they want their smiles to look like once full mouth reconstruction is complete. This information can help us choose the right restoration treatment options for the individual.

The level of post-treatment maintenance with which the patient is comfortable

Different restorative and cosmetic treatments require different levels of upkeep and maintenance once they are complete. For example, professional whitening treatments will need to be touched-up or redone every six months to a year in order for the patient’s smile to stay white. Porcelain veneers and LUMINEERS, on the hand, are naturally stain resistant. This is just one example of how post-treatment maintenance may affect a person’s full mouth reconstruction plan.

The truth is that every full mouth reconstruction case is different. The key to a successful outcome is good communication between the patient and the dental team—we can completely tailor your treatment plan to suit your needs. Give our San Francisco dentists a call to learn more!