San Francisco Emergency Dentist Answers Questions About How To Respond To Dental Trauma

Dental emergencies are, by their very nature, stressful and sometimes confusing. Our San Francisco dentists understand this, which is why we encourage our dental patients to make plans for dental emergencies before they pop up. Keep reading to get answers to some commonly asked questions regarding surprise dental issues.

Q: Who should I call in a dental emergency?
A: This totally depends on the types of treatments your regular dentist provides. Some dentists, like Dr. Walley, provide emergency dental treatment right here in our office—when you come in for your consultation we’ll talk about the best ways to reach us in an emergency. However, not all dentists provide emergency treatment; your dentist may refer you to another doctor specifically for emergency care. Talk to your dental team!

Q: What should I do if I knock out a tooth in an accident?

A: The number one thing that you should do is see your dentist as soon as possible after dental trauma. Your dental team has the best chance of reinserting your natural tooth within an hour or two of tooth loss.

Until you get to the dentist’s office, there are things that you can do in order to help keep your tooth viable. First of all, try to keep any tissues or nerves that may attached to the tooth intact. If possible, gently place the tooth back into its spot in your gum tissue. If, however, the tooth does not comfortably and easily fit into this space, don’t force it; rather, place your tooth in a glass of milk until you see your dentist.

Our San Francisco emergency dentist provide prompt and effective care in case of dental trauma. Please feel free to contact our office by phone or through our Contact Us page in order to learn more or speak to a member of our team!