Learn More About The Benefits Of Dental Implants From Our San Francisco Dentists

Tooth loss damages both the appearance and the functionality of your smile. Our San Francisco restorative dentists help patients suffering from tooth loss reclaim their healthy smiles, and get their teeth back on track.

One of the indispensable treatments in the world of restorative dentistry is dental implant treatment. More and more people are choosing to use individual dental implants or implant-stabilized prosthetics to rebuild their smiles.

Today we are discussing why so many people love dental implants—and why dentists like them too!

The key to dental implant technology is the dental implant root: a small titanium root that sits in the patient’s jawbone and gum tissue. The dental implant root is designed to replace the patient’s missing tooth root. Then, this titanium root is capped either with a natural looking restoration or a larger prosthetic.

The dental implant root allows your dental implant to:

· Stay in place 24/7—no worries about your replacement tooth sliding around in your mouth!

· Actually help to bolster your natural jawbone—the titanium implant bonds with your bone tissue through a process called osseointegration

· Look and feel exceptionally natural—every dental implant is customized to fit the patient

· Be easy to care for—because your replacement tooth stays in place permanently, you’ll simply care for it by brushing, flossing, and completing professional dental cleanings as recommended by your dental team

· Help to maintain your existing smile—your dental implant prevents your remaining teeth from shifting around due to the hole in your smile. If tooth loss if left untreated, it can destabilize your entire smile over time.

Our San Francisco dental implant dentists are here to provide you with any additional information that you may need in order to make an informed and confident decision for your smile! Give us a call to schedule a personalized consultation.