San Francisco Dentist Provides Helpful Professional Preventive Treatments

As is true in most areas of life, it is always better to avoid dental problems before they occur, rather than having to spend the time, money, and effort to repair damage after the fact. One of the things that you can to protect your smile is to follow your dentist’s recommendations regarding daily at-home oral hygiene. Additionally, there are a number of professional preventive measures that can help you achieve and maintain oral health.

Our San Francisco dentists

Provide semi-annual professional cleanings to dental patients in order to minimize plaque and tartar build up. These appointments are crucial for minimizing your risk of suffering from cavities as well as gum disease. Most people should be completing one of these cleanings every six months or so in order to keep plaque from compounding too much.

Another common preventive treatment is professional topical fluoride application. Fluoride is a natural substance that helps to remineralize and strengthen dental enamel. Topical fluoride treatments are often used to help children develop strong and resilient teeth. Fluoride applications can also be beneficial for adult patients with weakened and compromised dental health.

Our office also offers laser gum treatments, which minimize infected or damaged oral tissues, while promoting healthy gum regeneration. Because chronic gum disease can lead to premature tooth loss, it is so important that oral tissue infections are treated as quickly as possible after diagnosis.

Our San Francisco dentists are here to help you perfect your at-home oral hygiene routine, so that you can benefit from daily preventive care. We also provide the professional treatments that you need to maintain your dream smile.

Give us a call to schedule your consultation with our helpful team—we are here to give you the support and information that you need to make great decisions for your oral health.