San Francisco Dentist Helps People Overcome Chronic Periodontal Disease

Taking care of your smile is about more than just protecting your teeth and preventing cavities. Chronic periodontal disease is actually the leading cause of adult tooth loss, which is why our San Francisco dentists recommend taking the necessary steps at home and in the dentist’s office to conquer gum disease.

Gum disease occurs when harmful oral bacteria infiltrate your gum tissues and begin to wreak havoc on your smile. The same oral bacteria that cause dental cavities can take root in your oral tissues.

If your gum tissue is infected, you’ll like notice:

· That your gums start to look red and swollen

· That your gum tissue is prone to bleeding when you chew or clean your smile (especially while flossing)

· That you’re having trouble maintaining breath that is fresh and clean—oral bacteria release unpleasant odors when they feed and multiply

· That your gum tissue is starting to recede from your teeth—this causes “periodontal pockets,” gaps that collect dental debris and bacteria

In order to minimize your risk of suffering from gum disease it’s important for you to follow your dentist’s recommendations regarding at-home dental hygiene; for most patients, this means brushing every morning and night, and flossing at night. You should also keep up with your schedule of professional dental cleanings.

If you do begin to suffer from gum disease, prompt treatment can help it from developing into periodontal disease and becoming too damaging. Our team clears away dental debris and damaged oral tissues, so that your smile can heal and your gum tissue can regenerate.

Our San Francisco dentists are happy to provide you with any additional information and guidance that you may need when it comes to gum disease. Give us a call to get started on your way to oral health and to schedule a personal consultation!