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San Francisco Dentist Helps You Make Good Dental Decisions Every Day

The small, seemingly insignificant decisions that we make every day, can make a huge difference for our smiles over time. Our San Francisco dentists are here to help you understand how your daily routine can affect your oral health. We know that the more information you have about how dental problems develop, the better equipped […]

Get Tips From Our San Francisco Dentist About Caring For Your Smile At Home

In order to maintain a healthy smile over a lifetime, it is crucial that you combine professional dental treatments with a thorough at-home dental hygiene routine. While most people already know that they should be brushing their teeth every day, few dental patients have truly optimized their oral hygiene routines. That’s why our San Francisco […]

San Francisco Dental Implant Dental Explains The Component Parts Of These Replacement Teeth

If you are dealing with tooth loss, it is absolutely imperative that you find a tooth replacement treatment as soon as you can. Restoring your smile will improve your dental aesthetics as well as protecting your dental health. One popular and effective tooth replacement treatment is the dental implant. Today our San Francisco dental implant […]

Learn More About The State-of-the-Art Dental Implants Our San Francisco Dentists Use To Replace Teeth

We all want to maintain strong and healthy smiles for years to come. However, sometimes unexpected dental issues can put our smiles at risk. Tooth loss can be devastating for a patient—both aesthetically and in terms of the health and functionality of the patient’s smile. It is so important for dental patients to seek prompt […]

You Have Cosmetic Dentistry Options: Our San Francisco Cosmetic Dentist Explains

Improving the appearance of your smile can help you feel more confident and outgoing. Our San Francisco cosmetic dentists provide a range of aesthetic dentistry services that deliver customized results. Today we are going to be reviewing a few of commonly used treatments here in our office. Let’s get started! Dental bonding: this treatment allows […]