Learn More From Our San Francisco Dentist About Why Composite Resin and Porcelain Are Used In Dentistry

As a dental patient today, you have more aesthetic and restorative dentistry options than ever before. Modern treatments deliver results that look exceptionally natural, and safeguard the health of your smile. In today’s article our San Francisco dentists are giving you some more information about two specific materials that are commonly used in dental treatment: composite resin and porcelain.

Perhaps the most versatile material used in dentistry is composite resin. Resin begins as a soft and malleable substance. Once it is cured it hardens and bonds to the tooth structure, becoming stable and capable of standing up to the wear and tear of daily life.

Composite resin can be shaded to match the patient’s unique tooth color, and, as such, it delivers natural looking results. Using composite resin, you can correct dental cracks and chips, close gaps between teeth, resurface dark enamel, and even make a crooked smile appear better aligned.

Another key benefit of using composite resin is that the bonding treatment process can generally be completed in just one dental appointment.

Porcelain is another material that looks attractive and can be customized down to the smallest detail. Porcelain used to craft restorative crowns as well as thin veneers and LUMINEERS. Because porcelain reflects and refracts light similarly to enamel, it ends up looking just like natural tooth material.

Because porcelain restorations are crafted prior to being placed, you may need to schedule two or three appointments in order to complete treatment. In cases of CEREC crowns, however, our team is able to craft and place these restorations in one appointment. Just ask our dental team for additional information if you’re looking for a fast and convenient way to perfect your smile.

If you want to learn more about all of your aesthetic and restorative dentistry options, our San Francisco dentists are here to help. Give us a call to get started!