Invisalign for Teens: The Benefits


People of all ages may decide that their teeth are in serious need of Invisalign, but Dr. Robert M. Walley often works with teenagers because, for many reasons, tackling crooked teeth at a younger age often makes the entire process much easier.


This isn’t to say that adults can’t also get Invisalign if the need for it arises, but for a handful of reasons, knocking out orthodontic care earlier on in a person’s life is the simpler, more convenient option.

Why Orthodontic Care Works Best in Adolescents


Teens can receive all the same benefits of Invisalign as adults, but there are a few extra advantages for adolescents, including:


Teenagers’ Mouths Are More Malleable


The simplest reason to undergo Invisalign (or any orthodontic care) as a teenager is because that is the ideal time to do so from a biological standpoint. By the age of 11-to-13, most people have lost all of their baby teeth and the majority of the permanent teeth have come in. That gives orthodontists a clean slate to work with in terms of correcting bad bites, improper tooth spacing, or poor alignment.


These types of issues will not simply get better on their own as the patient ages, but they will become more difficult to deal with as the teeth grow used to their permanent locations and plant themselves in the gums. Since adolescent bodies are still growing, their mouths are more malleable, which allows Invisalign devices to do their job more easily.


The Process Doesn’t Take as Long


Because the mouth is more malleable at that age, the process of getting Invisalign often does not take as long to complete. Teeth in the mouths of adults—especially older adults—are more stubborn and therefore take longer to move permanently. If worn properly, the process should take about 12 months for teens, but it certainly can take a little longer for adults. As is the case with all orthodontics, no one wants to drag out the process.


There’s Less of a Stigma at a Younger Age


No one thinks twice about a teenager with braces or Invisalign because it’s a perfectly normal thing to see in people that age. In fact, some would argue that going through orthodontic care is a rite of passage, but for adults the same isn’t necessarily true. Some adults that get Invisalign grow insecure about wearing implements most often associated with teenagers, meaning if they could be worn during the teen years, that social stigma would never have to be a consideration. In fact, we’ve even heard stories of adolescents making friends because they were wearing orthodontic implements like Invisalign. It can be a bonding experience at that age where it typically is not for adults.

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None of this is to say that adults should not get Invisalign if they feel they need it. As your San Francisco dentist, Dr. Walley wants to help everybody that feels their bite needs an aesthetic overhaul, no matter their age. Still, much of the process is easier if tackled during the teen years, and in our experience, people want their orthodontic care to come as easy as possible.