What to Not Eat While Using Invisalign


One of the worst things about getting braces is facing the reality of knowing just how many foods will be restricted for the entire time that those brackets are on your teeth. However, for decades, traditional metal braces were the only hope most people had for straightening out their teeth, and cutting out a few troublesome foods is a small price to pay when the tradeoff is a smile you love.


Then Invisalign came along and changed the way people with corrective orthodontics ate. Unlike with traditional braces, which makes it effectively impossible to eat anything that’s too hard or too chewy, Invisalign has zero food limitations.


It sounds simple, but there are a few things to remember when eating and drinking while using Invisalign. The following is a look at some of the most commonly-asked questions when it comes to eating with Invisalign.


Can I Eat With Invisalign Still In My Mouth?


While you can eat anything with Invisalign, you can’t eat anything while the Invisalign apparatus is in place. You should never eat with the Invisalign trays still in your mouth because doing so could stain and ultimately ruin them. If the point is to have straight, gorgeous teeth, eating with the Invisalign still in your mouth is counterproductive to that end.


Do I Have to Brush My Teeth Before Putting Aligners Back In?


To keep the aligners clean and working properly for the life of their use, it is important that you brush your teeth before putting them back into your mouth. It’s good hygienic practice to brush your teeth after every meal, but Dr. Robert Walley suggests brushing your teeth even after snacks. Failing to do so can mean getting foot trapped closely against your teeth, which can speed up tooth decay.


If you don’t have your toothbrush with you after a snack or meal on the go, at the very least rinse your mouth with water before putting the apparatus back into your mouth.


Can I Drink While Using Invisalign?


If what you’re drinking is water, then yes. You can drink with your aligners in. Otherwise, we do not recommend drinking without removing the apparatus from your mouth. Sugary drinks can cause plaque buildup, and hot drinks can cause the aligners to warp, effectively ruining them for their primary purpose. Certain drinks can discolor the trays, too, which will make your teeth look anything but white when they’re in your mouth.


If you are interested in consulting with your Union Square Invisalign dentist to see if it’s right for you, please don’t hesitate to set up an appointment at your convenience. Just know that, unlike braces, Invisalign allows you to eat whatever you want—as long as you do the eating with the trays outside of your mouth, and as long as you clean your teeth appropriately before sliding them back in.


There are many reasons why Invisalign is a great orthodontic option for people of all ages, but the ability to eat whatever you want is one that definitely separates it from traditional braces.