Here Are 3 Aesthetic Issues Our San Francisco Cosmetic Dentists Address All The Time

It can be a real drag to look in the mirror every day, and dislike the smile that you see. Our San Francisco aesthetic dentists truly believe that all of our patients deserve to have smiles that they are proud to show off. Keep reading to learn more about priorities when it comes to cosmetic treatment, and steps you can take to move forward.

Existing dental damage

The first step is to get a clear view of any oral health issues you are dealing with. There really is no sense in making aesthetic changes to your smile, while leaving structural and health problems unaddressed. If you have cavities, for example, or you are suffering from serious periodontal disease, our team may recommend that these problems be treated before you undergo cosmetic care.

The good news is that for many patients the restorative treatments they need will simultaneously improve dental aesthetics.

Poorly aligned teeth

Many adult and teenage patients want to achieve straighter, more seamless smiles. And why this used to necessitate months or years in metal braces, our San Francisco Invisalign dentists now offer an alternative to conventional orthodontics.

Invisalign treatment moves teeth using clear plastic aligners. You will wear a new aligner every two to three weeks; each aligner moves you closer to your dream smile. You could alternatively choose to make your smile look straighter without moving your natural teeth at all—this is done through dental bonding or porcelain restorations.

Dental discoloration

If your teeth aren’t looking as white, bright, and luminous as you’d like, we can help. Topical whitening treatments minimize environmental stains on the enamel, and restore the tooth to its natural color.

You also have the option of covering unsightly enamel with dental materials like composite resin or porcelain. This can be especially helpful for patients who are trying to correct dental damage and whiten their smiles at the same time.

Improving dental aesthetics is much simpler and faster than many people have been led to believe. If you are unhappy with the current state of your smile, our San Francisco cosmetic dentists are here to help you achieve your dental goals. Give us a call to get started!