Are You Too Young or Old for Invisalign in San Francisco?

When we think about what subgroup of human beings most often requires orthodontic treatment, the first image to pop into our collective head is that of a teenager with a mouth of metal, maybe even with one of those embarrassing headsets strapped around their faces like a ring of Saturn. But the truth is that more and more people are investing in Invisalign clear orthodontics, some of whom are not quite teenagers and others who have not been teenagers for decades.


In other words, when Dr. Robert M. Walley is asked whether there is an Invisalign age limit or about the appropriateness of Invisalign for kids, the answer is a lot more promising than you may expect if you are looking to improve a person’s smile. Treatment is more widely available than our patients in San Francisco may realize.


What is the Invisalign Age Limit in San Francisco, CA?

Let’s have a look at both ends of the spectrum: how young is too young for Invisalign, and how old is too old?

Is Invisalign for Kids Possible?

The short answer is that you don’t have to be a teenager to get Invisalign or any other kind of orthodontics. There are plenty of children who get an earlier start with these treatments, especially when it looks like the issues are severe enough to warrant early intervention.


Of course, we should start by saying that there is no universal age for children because children lose baby teeth and welcome adult teeth at different rates. We have had conversations about the need for alignment as young as six years old, and getting to work on the teeth of patients around ten years old is an increasingly common thing.


If you are concerned that your child may need early-intervention orthodontics, just speak with Dr. Walley so he can help you determine the best course of action moving forward.


Can Adults Use Invisalign, Too?


Because of existing stigmas, we see patients all the time who say they never considered orthodontics as an adult because they assumed it was too late. They’ve lived too much of their lives to make the investment worthwhile.


This is the wrong way to look at this. If a 40-year-old has always disliked their crooked smile, why shouldn’t they invest in a process that could change that, especially considering they could live another 40 years or more? This is something that affects the rest of your life, which means there really is no “top age” for getting orthodontics. Frankly, they can help any adult who needs them, regardless of age.


Dr. Robert M. Walley is Your Invisalign Dentist in San Francisco, CA

If you are interested in Invisalign treatments for you or your children, give Dr. Walley’s office a call sometime soon so we can get you or your child set up for a consultation. We can give you a sense of the cost, how long the process may be, and what you can expect by the time it’s all over. We want you to love your smile, no matter your age, and the beautiful thing is that Invisalign can be a great option for just about anybody with adult teeth.