Learn More From Our San Francisco Dentists About Tooth Replacement Treatments

Premature tooth loss can really take a toll on your smile—both the way that it looks and the way that it functions. The good news is that there are restorative treatments available to help you rebuild your dream smile. Keep reading to learn more about how our San Francisco dentists treat tooth loss…

Whether you lose a tooth due to an accident or an infection, the resulting hole in your smile is problematic. Our team offers state-of-the-art dental implant replacement teeth to not only improve your dental aesthetics, but to safeguard the health of your smile as well.

Dental implants are unique among tooth replacement treatments in that they replace the tooth root as well as the visible crown. Dental implants have titanium posts that extend into the patient’s jaw tissue, just like a natural tooth root does.

One way to use dental implants is to have individual replacement teeth inserted in spots where your teeth once sat. In this case, we will start with the tooth root, then cap that with an abutment, and finally place your dental restoration on top.

Another way to use dental implant technology is to use just a few titanium roots to hold a larger dental prosthetic, like a denture, in place. This is a great option for people who are missing many consecutive teeth. The titanium roots will hold your dental prosthetic in place, while helping to support surrounding teeth and jawbone tissue.

No matter how you choose to use implant technology, you will benefit from increased prosthetic stability, easy maintenance, and a natural-feeling fit.

If you are currently missing teeth, our San Francisco dental implant dentists strongly encourage you to reach out to your dental team to make a game plan. Timely treatment can help you avoid additional dental damage, discomfort, and expense down the road. Give our team a call to schedule a consultation!