What is a Dental Emergency? San Francisco’s Top Dentist Explains

Most of the patients that Dr. Robert M. Walley meets with over the course of a normal day are routine dental visits, whether that be biannual cleanings or simple fillings. However, there are times when dental emergencies arise, and the patient can’t wait weeks or even days to have the issue addressed. When something like that occurs, a San Francisco emergency dentist is the best solution. But what is an emergency dentist, and when, exactly, would a patient need to enlist the services of one?


What is an Emergency Dentist?


Put simply, an emergency dentist is no different from any other dentist except for the fact that they can fix problems that arise unexpectedly. Normally, you’d make a dentist appointment for some far-off time in the future. Cleanings, for example, are typically six months apart. But an emergency dentist will work you in as soon as possible if there’s some problem with your teeth or gums that requires immediate attention.


Reasons to Contact an Emergency Dentist


What types of dental issues would require immediate attention? The following is a list of the most common dental emergencies:


  1. Cracked of chipped enamel
  2. Knocked-out teeth
  3. Gum/oral tissue lacerations
  4. Severe cold sores
  5. Severe infections that are causing swelling and/or pain
  6. Lost or dislodged dental restorations
  7. Broken fillings
  8. Facial trauma that affects your smile


What Kinds of Emergency Procedures are Common?


Should you find yourself in Dr. Walley’s office with a dental emergency, it is possible that he will perform one of the following procedures to correct whatever problem is causing pain or creating issues with your smile:


  • Enamel crack repairs – If a tooth has been damaged unexpectedly (such as in a car accident or sporting accident), we can repair cracks in enamel using one of many common cosmetic dentistry options.
  • Missing tooth replacement – If we can save a tooth, we will, but even if we can’t, there are options available for tooth replacements that are indistinguishable from real teeth.
  • Same-day tooth restoration – Here in San Francisco, same-day tooth restorations are a great option for those whose teeth need crowns. We use same-day CEREC crowns, which are quick and look just like the real thing.
  • Teeth extraction – If a tooth must be extracted as a last resort, we have the equipment and expertise to do so quickly and painlessly.
  • Root canal therapy – Sometimes, trauma to the tooth can require root canal therapy, which also is something Dr. Walley can provide among his emergency dentistry services.


Making an Emergency Appointment with Dr. Walley


If you experience any of the above problems and require immediate dental care, simply give our office a call to set up an appointment. We will make sure to get you in as soon as humanly possible to correct whatever dental emergency you’re experiencing. Whether that means alleviating excruciating pain or saving a traumatized tooth, we’ve got everything we need to help you get everything back to normal in a timely manner. The first step, as always, is just picking up the phone and calling.