How Missing Teeth Can Impact Your Health


Missing teeth are a nuisance in many ways, but we often find that people are primarily disappointed with the way a missing tooth looks rather than the health issues a missing tooth can cause over time. While nobody wants a gap in their smile, the reality is that this issue extends well beyond the aesthetic, and that means San Francisco, CA cosmetic dentistry services like those provided at Dr. Robert M. Walley’s office is imperative not only to return a smile to its former glory but also to prevent certain other health issues from arising.


5 Dental Effects of a Missing Tooth


What types of problems can missing teeth cause? The following is a list of impacts this problem can have on your health:


#1 Bone Loss


Failure to replace a missing tooth is the leading cause of jaw bone loss. You need teeth to help stimulate and support the bone in your jaw, so if there are teeth missing, you won’t always be able to do that, possibly leading to bigger issues with the bone density in your jaw.


#2 Oral Infections


Having missing teeth also can lead to nasty infections in your mouth, especially near the site of the missing tooth or teeth. Worse, an infection that starts in your mouth can spread to the rest of your body and cause serious issues, the worst of which is septic blood that can prove to be fatal.


#3 Trouble Chewing


Just like toddlers who have lost teeth can’t ever seem to eat food the way it was intended to be eaten, an adult with missing teeth is going to have the same problems. It can be difficult to bite, chew, and grind, making eating much more annoying and frustrating than it should be.


#4 Chronic Headaches


Furthermore, changing the way you bite and chew can lead to chronic headaches and even migraines. While there are many dental problems that can lead to these types of headaches, tooth loss is one of the more common ones since your changing bite patterns can lead to a chain reaction that ultimately ends with pain in your head.


#5 Increased Risk of Cavities


Opening up huge gaps in your smile also means opening up huge vulnerabilities to cavities. Rather than lining up neatly against other teeth, exposed teeth make themselves more vulnerable to plaque and tartar, and bacteria that ultimately causes cavities. Simply replacing the gap with a false tooth lowers this risk exponentially.


Replacing Missed Teeth at Dr. Walley’s Office


If you’ve heard enough and now want to undergo the replacement of a missing tooth at Dr. Walley’s office, we are happy to help. From bridges to implants, we offer customers in San Francisco same-day restorations and long-term options for patients that need to have their missing teeth replaced.


Please call us to set up a consultation so we can start the process of making your smile whole and protecting you from some of these other health problems that can present as a result of missing teeth.