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San Francisco Emergency Dentist Helps Patients Get Through Unexpected Dental Traumas

Dental emergencies pop up at seemingly the least opportune moments in life. Obviously, unexpected dental traumas are stressful and upsetting, which is why our San Francisco emergency dentists work so hard to provide prompt and effective restorative care. Dental trauma may arise for a number of different reasons. For example… · Teeth can become damaged—developing […]

San Francisco Dentist Talks About The Benefits of Composite Resin in Dentistry

Our San Francisco dentists use only the highest quality materials to achieve aesthetic and functional dental results. Today we are going to be discussing one of these materials in particular—composite resin. Let’s get started! What is composite resin, anyway? Composite resin is a material frequently used in restorative and aesthetic dental treatments. It is made […]

San Francisco Dentist Talks About Different Uses For Mouth Pieces

Mouthpieces and dental appliances can help dental patients achieve all kinds of dental health related objectives. Our San Francisco dentists will help you choose the perfect treatments for your smile. Today we are going to just give you a general overview of the many uses of mouth guards and oral appliances. Most people already know […]

San Francisco Dentist Discusses Ingredients In Oral Hygiene Products

If you have ever wondered how, exactly, your oral hygiene products work, then this article is for you! Today our San Francisco dentists are talking about commonly used oral health ingredients. Once you get a better idea of what kinds of ingredients deliver results, you’ll be better equipped to choose products that meet your needs. […]

Our San Francisco Dentists Empower Patients To Identify Periodontal Disease In Its Earliest Stages

If you want to maintain a strong and healthy smile for years to come, it is imperative that you care for your oral tissues. Gum disease, if left untreated, can damage your smile and lead to tooth loss and/or bone deterioration. With that in mind, our San Francisco dentists are here to review some of […]

Learn More About How Root Canal Treatment Unfolds from our San Francisco Dentist

When you are dealing with serious dental damage, or a severe dental infection, our San Francisco dentist is here to help you get the smile-saving treatment that you need. One tools in our tool kit is root canal therapy. This tried and true restorative option has helped dental patients of many ages regain happy, healthy […]