Learn More About How Root Canal Treatment Unfolds from our San Francisco Dentist

When you are dealing with serious dental damage, or a severe dental infection, our San Francisco dentist is here to help you get the smile-saving treatment that you need. One tools in our tool kit is root canal therapy. This tried and true restorative option has helped dental patients of many ages regain happy, healthy smiles.

Let’s learn more about the root canal treatment process!

1. Assessment

As with all dental treatments, the first step in the treatment process is for our dental team to conduct a comprehensive assessment. We will take a look at your smile, and use X-rays, in order to determine the extent of your dental infection or damage. If we determine that the dental core of your smile is compromised, you may be a good candidate for root canal therapy.

2. Removal of damage

Now it’s time for our dentist to clear away the infected dental material that is weakening your tooth (and possibly causing you a lot of pain and suffering). We will remove damaged enamel and dentin. Then, we will clear out the inner core of your tooth, including the tooth’s dental roots. We will then clean the remaining, healthy, tooth structure, in order to discourage re-infection.

3. Restore dental structure

So, now only healthy portions of your tooth remain, but we still need to rebuild parts of the tooth so that it will be stable. In the final step of root canal therapy, our dentist fills and caps your tooth, so that it will look whole and function optimally.

Using root canal therapy, our dental team has been able to help patient recover from, what could have been, devastating dental damage and infection. Please don’t hesitate to contact our San Francisco dentist if you think that you may benefit from root canal treatment. We can give you all of the information that you need!