San Francisco Dentist Talks About Different Uses For Mouth Pieces

Mouthpieces and dental appliances can help dental patients achieve all kinds of dental health related objectives. Our San Francisco dentists will help you choose the perfect treatments for your smile. Today we are going to just give you a general overview of the many uses of mouth guards and oral appliances.

Most people already know that mouthpieces can be used to protect a person’s smile from damage during contact and extreme sports. Many children start wearing protective mouth guards when they begin playing certain sports in school. These mouthpieces are so important—it is so much better to avoid serious dental damage, rather than try to correct it after the fact!

Another type of protective mouth guard is the type that people wear when they are asleep to protect their teeth from the effects of bruxism. Bruxism refers to the habitual grinding and clenching of teeth. Over time, this intense pressure can cause your teeth to thin and crack. Because many people actually grind their teeth while they are asleep at night, wearing a mouth guard is a way to protect your enamel from this unconscious habit.

Mouthpieces can also be used to help patients achieve aesthetic and functional changes to their smiles. Clear plastic aligners, like those used in Invisalign treatment, can gradually shift the patient’s teeth into better positions. When patients undergo Invisalign treatment, they actually wear a series of aligners in order to achieve the desired results.

As you can see, there are many different way that oral appliances and mouthpieces can help you on your journey to a healthy and beautiful smile. Our San Francisco dentists can give you all of the additional information that you need in order to achieve your dental goals, so please feel free to reach out to our team to get started!