Learn More From Our San Francisco Dentist About When Crowns Need To Be Replaced

When you notice changes to the way your smile looks or feels, it is probably time to reach out to your dentist for an assessment or consultation. This is especially true if you think that your dental restorations may be failing. Keep reading to learn more from our San Francisco dentists about problems associated with damaged crowns.

Pain & Sensitivity

If you start to develop sensitivity around your restored tooth, it is time to schedule an oral health assessment with your dental team. Dental pain can be an indicator that your restoration is failing, and that irritants are able to get around your restoration and to the core of your tooth. In these cases, it is vital that your crown or bonding is replaced right away.  

Altered Bite

Modern restorations are strong and durable, but they aren’t indestructible. Just like our natural teeth, dental crowns change slightly over time. If you have noticed a change in your dental alignment, or that you are biting and chewing differently, this may be occurring because your restoration has worn down. 


Some patients are able to visually identify problematic restorations because their crowns or natural dental material are discolored. Amalgam fillings in particular tend to leach into the surrounding tooth with age. It is also possible for failing restorations to accumulate unsightly stains in those hard-to-reach spaces around the porcelain or composite resin.

Don’t hesitate to reach out your dentist if you think that your crown is compromised. Prompt treatment can make all of the difference to your dental prognosis. As always, our San Francisco dentists are here to give you any additional information and support that you may need!