Our San Francisco Dentists Help Patients Find the Perfect Treatments For Them

When a new patient comes into our dental office for the first time, we start to get to know their preferences and their needs, so that we can tailor their respective treatment plans to fit their needs.

As we work with our patients, our San Francisco dentists keep certain considerations in mind. As we think about these different factors, we are able to better determine which treatments might be right for you.

So, the first thing that we will take into account is the current state of your smile. If you have existing dental infections or damage, for example, these may need to be addressed before we can start in on cosmetic treatment. Once we determine your current level of oral health, we can start to consider what types of treatments might be appropriate for you.

Another early consideration that we’ll talk about is your preferred timeline. It is very common that dental patients come to our office because they want to achieve specific dental goals before special events, etc. If this is the case for you, please let us know! We offer treatments that deliver full results in both short and long time frames.

We also offer treatments to fit a range of budgets. So when we are weighing your various dental options, we’ll make sure to accommodate your budget. We can also help you figure out how to best utilize your insurance benefits.

Another thing that patients sometimes don’t realize, is that different dental treatments require different levels and types of post-treatment maintenance. For example, if you whiten your smile with professional whitening treatment, you will likely need to undergo touch-up treatments every half a year/year. When you speak with our dental team, we’ll review the post-treatment requirements of different options, so that you can choose a treatment with which you’re comfortable.

Do you want to learn more about how our San Francisco dentists help patients assess dental treatments? If so, you can always call our dental team, or submit a question for us through our Contact Us page—we look forward to speaking with you!