San Francisco Dentist Empowers Patients To Combat Gum Disease

Many patients go to great lengths to keep their teeth healthy—this is great! However, many of these people do not pay the same time and attention to their gum tissues. Your gum tissues form the foundation of your smile, and when your gum health is compromised, your entire smile will suffer.

Our San Francisco dentists help patients achieve and maintain strong gum tissue. We know that when you are able to avoid, or minimize, gum disease, you help all the other parts of your smile stay well.

Gum disease occurs when oral bacteria are able to infect a patient’s gum tissues. This may happen because the gum tissue was damaged, and bacteria were able to penetrate an existing cut or scrape. This can also happen because gum tissue is weakened over time due to oral acid and excessive bacteria.

Once bacteria take root in your gum tissue, you may notice that:

· Your tissue is prone to bleeding

· Your gums look swollen and red

· You suffer from hard-to-treat bad breath

· Your gum tissue appears to be receding away from your teeth

Our dental team treats gum disease by:

· Providing comprehensive, thorough dental cleanings to help you get rid of harmful plaque and tartar

· Helping patients perfect their at-home oral hygiene routines in order to improve their results

· Exsect any diseased oral tissues, so as to stop the spread of infection

You definitely want to seek treatment for periodontal disease in a timely manner; untreated gum disease is likely to intensify over time. Gum infections can lead to further dental and oral infection, tooth loss, and even jaw bone tissue deterioration.

Our San Francisco dentists are happy to give you any additional information and guidance that you may need. Get started by calling our office to touch base with our team!