The Health Effects Of Crooked Teeth

When considering whether or not to visit a cosmetic dentist or an orthodontist, many patients consider aesthetics to be the primary concern. People typically are not happy with what crooked teeth can do to the way a smile looks, but there actually are a handful of surprising negative health effects associated with crooked teeth, as well. Braces and Invisalign could help patients avoid some of these effects and improve a smile, and Dr. Robert M. Walley can help with that.

If you have been considering corrective implements or even veneers to fix your crooked teeth, these surprising health-related impacts of deciding against them could prove regretful:

Tooth Decay

One of the most obvious issues with crooked teeth is that they make it more difficult to brush and floss correctly. Teeth that overlap each other make it impossible to get a brush on them, and it may be equally impossible to get a string of floss between them to remove food and clean between the gums. As in any instance where proper brushing and flossing are ignored, this can lead to tooth decay. Even if you are brushing twice per day, as recommended by your dentist, it may not be enough if your teeth are too crooked to get truly clean.

Tooth Damage

Furthermore, these misaligned teeth can hit each other at odd angles when you chew, meaning there are unnatural pressure points in your smile that, over time, could lead to wear on your teeth that can manifest itself in cracks or chips. Once damaged, teeth can allow in more bacteria, which leads to quicker decay, and should a chip transform into a crack, you could be prone to serious infection that may ultimately require a root canal. The type of minor tooth damage caused by crooked smiles can someday lead to much bigger problems.

Bad Breath

If food is getting stuck in between teeth and is unable to be picked out with floss and brushing, it won’t come as a big surprise that some unfortunate smells may emanate from your mouth. Having a nice smile is every bit as important as having pleasant breath, and crooked teeth are impediments to both.

TMJ Disorder

Patients with misaligned teeth may be chewing their food in odd ways without really knowing it simply because they have to move their jaw oddly to chomp down. Over time, though, a crooked bite and excessive wear can lead to pain in your jaw, cheeks, or face, often leading to chronic headaches and all sorts of other health issues. Getting your teeth lined up should also line up your jaw, helping you to avoid any long-term TMJ problems.

If you have any questions about these services or want Dr. Walley to have a closer look at your own crooked teeth to see what can be done, contact our office and set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. We can help you fix that smile and avoid all these potentially negative impacts of ignoring crooked teeth for too long.