Let’s Get to the Root of Tooth Sensitivity

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

• Cavities

• Cracked teeth

• Worn fillings

• Periodontal disease

• Exposed tooth roots

• Worn tooth enamel- teeth grinding and clenching can wear away enamel and endanger the nerves

• Some teeth whitening products- peroxide-based bleaching solutions can cause sensitive teeth

• Using too much mouthwash- some products have acids that make already-sensitive teeth worse if used throughout the day

• Eating acidic foods- foods such as tomatoes, pickles, citrus and fruit juices rich in acid can erode
tooth enamel

Battling Sensitivity

Fortunately, there are some ways to remedy tooth sensitivity.

• Toothpaste for sensitive teeth- several brands have sensitive varieties that contain potassium nitrate, which helps to block the tiny tubules in the dentin 
• Practice good brushing habits- use a soft-bristled toothbrush, avoiding brushing your teeth too vigorously, and be sure to brush your teeth for two minutes at a time
• Cut back on acidic foods and beverages- when you do indulge in them, wait 20 minutes after eating them, or the brushing may hurt your enamel further

Professional Remedies for Sensitivity  

If none of the DIY remedies we’ve offered seems to do the trick, there are some professional options to consider.
• Fluoride varnish- ask us about applying fluoride varnish to the sensitive areas of your teeth, which can provide several months of protection at a time
• Combat tooth grinding- we also can fit you for a night guard to prevent you from grinding your teeth while you sleep
• Seek periodontal treatment- receding gums must be treated if they’re causing the sensitivity

We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have additional questions about tooth sensitivity or wish to schedule a consultation with San Francisco cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Walley, please call our office today.