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How Adults Can Benefit from Invisalign in San Francisco

Here at the offices of Dr. Robert M. Walley, we often deal with the misconception that orthodontics are only for teenagers, and we understand why. For generations now, people have only ever seen braces in the mouths of adolescents, at least as shown on television and in movies. But the reality is that Invisalign clear […]

If It’s A Healthy Smile You’re After, Tooth Replacement Isn’t Optional

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA- A grin full of holes may be cute on a five-year-old, but missing teeth isn’t the best look for an adult. In fact, the aesthetic and dental health consequences of failing to address a missing tooth are downright ugly. “If a missing tooth isn’t addressed in a timely manner, it can elicit […]

3 Things To Know About Pediatric Dentistry From Our San Francisco Dentists

High-quality pediatric dental care can set the patient up for a healthy smile well into adulthood. Today, our San Francisco dentists are sharing information about helping children develop healthy dental habits. Good habits start early Research has shown that young patients who have positive, consistent dental experiences are more likely to carry healthy habits into […]

Common Causes of Stained and Discolored Teeth in San Francisco

Nobody likes looking in the mirror at a smile that is discolored or filled with stained teeth, but Dr. Robert M. Walley is the sort of dentist who can help just about anyone bring the vibrance and liveliness back to a smile that’s undergone some discoloration over the years. Of course, it is important to […]

Five Signs It’s Time to See a Dentist

  If you are doing everything right, you shouldn’t have to visit your dentist more than the twice-yearly cleanings you schedule for regular dental maintenance. The truth, though, is that many people experience all sorts of dental issues that require more timely attention, and here at the office of Dr. Robert M. Walley, we want […]