How Adults Can Benefit from Invisalign in San Francisco

Here at the offices of Dr. Robert M. Walley, we often deal with the misconception that orthodontics are only for teenagers, and we understand why. For generations now, people have only ever seen braces in the mouths of adolescents, at least as shown on television and in movies. But the reality is that Invisalign clear braces in San Francisco can work great for adults, too. Teens aren’t the only ones with crooked teeth!

Think of it this way: an investment in orthodontics at age 40 could yield benefits that may last another 50 years. Of course, Invisalign is perhaps a better option for adults than traditional braces for the following reasons:

Five Reasons Invisalign Works So Well for Adults

#1 Invisalign is Less Noticeable

Perhaps the most important advantage for our adult orthodontic patients is the fact that Invisalign treatments are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces. Some adults may feel a bit silly with huge metal brackets on their teeth, but Invisalign trays are practically invisible (hence the name). If you were hoping to find an orthodontic solution that nobody even knows you’re undertaking, then this is the option for you.

#2 Invisalign Does Not Limit Diet

Another major benefit of Invisalign is that there are no dietary restrictions. With traditional braces, patients are told to avoid hard and chewy foods like nuts, popcorn, hard taco shells, sticky and hard candy, gum, pretzels, and crunchy chips. Those are some of the most fun foods to eat, and Invisalign doesn’t require a patient to skip any of them because the trays can just pop out during meals and go right back in after the patient has brushed their teeth.

#3 Invisalign Are More Comfortable

Invisalign trays align your teeth more slowly than traditional braces, which means the discomfort isn’t as severe. Furthermore, because the aligner trays are smooth, they don’t take up as much real estate in the mouth as those metal brackets do. Put simply, there are many reasons why Invisalign trays are more comfortable for adults.

#4 Invisalign Trays Are Easy to Care For

Because Invisalign trays are made from plastic, they are incredibly easy to clean. They simply pop out, allowing patients to brush and floss normally while cleaning the trays. That is better for dental health and is a whole lot easier than trying to floss between brackets and wires.

#5 Invisalign Offers Dependable Results

Patients who wear their Invisalign brackets reliably get quick, reliable results. Sometimes, teeth can be straightened in under a year! Of the people who try invisible braces in San Francisco, the overwhelming majority are happy with the results. On top of every other benefit, we know they work well!

If you think you might be interested in Invisalign as a means of straightening your teeth, contact the office of Dr. Robert M. Walley to set up an initial consultation. We will help you spend the next several decades loving your smile instead of thinking you missed the boat because you never got braces as a teen. It’s never too late for the smile you want and deserve!