Get A White Smile Worthy of Holiday Pictures With Dr. Walley

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA- Eggnog and Christmas cookies will make your waistline bulge, but there’s one easy way to ensure you look fabulous in all your holiday photos.

Dr. Robert Walley offers the Zoom teeth whitening system in our office. This highly sought after treatment harnesses the power of light waves to give you a dazzling smile worthy of the photo album.

“If you’ve tried commercial whitening products before, you’ve probably come to the realization that a professional solution is necessary,” says San Francisco dentistry provider Dr. Walley. “It takes potent products to break down years of stains.”

Here’s how the Zoom whitening system ousts those lingering stains. We carefully apply powerful whitening gel onto your teeth with the help of a comfortable smile retractor. A specially designed lamp is then shined onto teeth in three 15-minute increments. The entire process lasts only about one hour. The light triggers the gel’s active whitening agents to dissolve yellow spots and unveil the gorgeous smile underneath. Just sit back and relax as your teeth are brightened up to eight shades.

No two smiles are the same. Some patients struggle with tooth sensitivity, which calls for added caution during the Zoom whitening procedure. We take the utmost care to ensure you remain comfortable during treatment. First, Dr. Walley coats the lips and gums in an isolation material that protects them from the light waves. He then adjusts the concentration of whitening gel and duration of light exposure to suite your sensitivity level perfectly. With Dr. Walley, teeth whitening is truly a personalized experience.

 To guarantee your smile stays fabulous long after the holidays have passed, we offer in-office Zoom touchups and teeth bleaching. We understand the confidence sparkling white teeth can provide. That’s why we offer efficient and proven ways to give you the gorgeous smile you desire.

Are you interested in prepping your teeth for this year’s holiday pictures? Visit us for a complimentary consultation. May your days (and teeth) be merry and bright!