DNA Testing Allows For Improved Diagnosis and Treatment

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA- A recent survey states more than 75 percent of Americans suffer from some form of gum disease, ranging from mild gingivitis to severe periodontitis. Do you know if you’re
at risk?

Dr. Robert Walley and our team of skilled hygienists here at our San Francisco dental practice are equipped to provide revolutionary OralDNA testing. This easy test exposes the bacteria that trigger gum disease so we can more effectively diagnose and treat you. 

Periodontal disease is known as the silent disease because it doesn’t always exhibit symptoms a patient will notice until it reaches advanced stages. If undetected, patients eventually may experience painful swelling, bleeding and sensitivity. In some cases, tooth loss is inevitable. There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests advanced gum disease (periodontitis) contributes to cardiovascular disease, stroke, dementia and certain types of cancer.

With the information provided by OralDNA testing, Dr. Walley can thwart the progression of gum disease before such consequences become a reality.

What It Is

OralDNA saliva testing eliminates the guesswork by giving insight on the specific bacteria lurking around your gums. It’s an efficient and noninvasive way for us to determine your individual risk factors for gum disease. By knowing exactly what and how much periopathogenic bacteria exists in your mouth, we can more accurately diagnose you.

“An accurate diagnosis will accelerate treatment, since we know the specific bacteria that threaten your health,” says Dr. Walley. “OralDNA allows us to completely customize your periodontal care.”

There are 13 strains of periopathogenic bacteria known to trigger gum disease. OralDNA testing alerts us to their existence, which allows us to promptly address the issue and avoid the need for future extensive treatment. Bacteria associated with oral HPV can also be identified through this quick and simple test.

How It Works

Saliva diagnostics are convenient and fast. Here’s how the saliva sample is collected:

  •  Patient swishes a saline solution
  • After 30 seconds, solution is spit into a funneled collection tube
  • The tube is sealed and sent to an OralDNA lab for DNA-PCR analysis
  • Email is sent to Dr. Walley when test results are available

OralDNA sends a detailed report to Dr. Walley of the high, moderate and low risk pathogens residing in your mouth. With this information, we can prescribe a treatment that’s perfectly suited to your immune system and periodontal health needs.

If you’d like to learn more about OralDNA testing, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.