No matter how diligently you care for your smile at home, there are just certain things that need to be handled in-office in order adequately protect and care for your smile. We have seen, through years of experience, that it’s all too easy for patients to fall behind on their professional dentistry appointments. We understand! But, these appointments are crucial to maintaining oral health. Keep reading to learn more from our San Francisco dentists

The American Dental Association recommends that patients complete professional cleanings and assessments every six months or so. This is just a general guideline, and your dentist will let you know if you need to see a dentist more or less frequently.

During your semi-annual cleaning, our dental team will clear away any plaque and tartar that has built up on your smile over time. Tartar, because it has calcified to the tooth structure, is particularly difficult for patients to remove at home. It’s our job to give your smile a clean slate, which you will then work to maintain at home until it’s time for your next appointment.

We also complete an oral cancer screening during these appointments. Unfortunately, oral cancers often begin by progressing asymptomatically. This means that it is very difficult for patients, on their own, to recognize that they have developed a health problem. During your cleaning, our team will assess your mouth for signs of cancerous or pre-cancerous tissues; improving your ability to seek prompt and timely treatment for oral cancers.

Our team can also give you personalized recommendations on how to tweak and improve your at-home oral hygiene routine, if necessary. Sometimes something as simple as changing your toothbrush, or adding a new toothpaste formula into your routine can make a big difference.

Our San Francisco dentists are here to help you achieve and maintain a clean and healthy smile. It all begins with a collaborative appointment; so give us a call to get started!  

If you’re dealing with existing dental damage, then you’re probably battling both aesthetic and functional challenges. Restorative dental treatments are designed to address both of these issues—there’s really no sense in improving the appearance of your smile if it won’t function well, and vice versa. Our San Francisco dentists offer a number of restorative treatments to help you smile confidently again. Keep reading to get more information!

As you would imagine, the type of restorative treatment that is right for you will depend on how extensively your smile is damaged. Minor damage—cracks, chips, and small cavities—can often be treated using:

  • Personalized restorations, which rebuild and repair the tooth after damage
  • Dental bonding, which allows our dental team to apply custom-shaded dental resin to the natural tooth in order to meet your needs

More extensive injury or infections may necessitate root canal therapy. During root canal treatment, our team goes into the inner core of the tooth. We remove any damaged material as well as vulnerable dental pulps and tissues. Once only healthy enamel remains, we clean the tooth, fill it, and then cap it with a customized restoration. Root canal therapy is an indispensable tool, because it can literally save teeth that would otherwise fall out or need to be pulled.

When dental damage is so severe that it has led to tooth loss, our team matches our patients with appropriate tooth replacement treatments. Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement; these restorations are permanently embedded in the patient’s jawbone tissue through a small titanium root. The dental implant is as close as you can get to growing a new tooth!

Restorative treatment plans are always personalized to fit the individual patient’s needs. So, the best way to get started, is to give our San Francisco dentists a call to schedule a personal consultation!

If you have ever dealt with dental sensitivity, then you know how annoying, and frankly, disruptive, this issue can be. Sensitivity can make it difficult for patients to eat, drink, and, sometimes, even speak comfortably.

There are actually a number of things that can cause dental sensitivity, and, today, our San Francisco dentists are going to be reviewing a few of the most common culprits. Keep reading to learn more!

Bruxism: if you’re prone to grinding or clenching your teeth, you may be wearing down your dental enamel over time. As your enamel becomes thinner, the sensitive inner core of your tooth is left too exposed and vulnerable. Patients who suffer from bruxism should seek treatment from their dental team; there are solutions available to help protect your teeth. Keep in mind that bruxism can manifest at night, while the patient is asleep.

Acid erosion: enamel may also become compromised due to repeated exposure to acidic foods and drinks. Common things like citrus fruits, sodas, red wine, and coffee are all quite acidic. It is best to limit your consumption of acidic substances, to refrain from brushing your teeth for at least 20 to 30 minutes after you consume them, as your enamel is weaker during this period of time.

Gum tissue damage: in a healthy smile, a patient’s gum tissue protects the dental roots, which contain very sensitive nerves. When, however, a patient is battling chronic gum disease, the gum tissue can actually start to pull away from the teeth. If you notice symptoms of gum disease—bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, swollen gum tissue—you want to reach out to your dentist for treatment.

Our San Francisco dentists offer treatments to help minimize your risk of developing dental sensitivity, as well as treatments to improve current discomfort. Please feel free to reach out to our dental team to learn more!

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