Root Canal

Severe dental damage doesn’t have to be devastating.

Root canal therapy can help you save damaged teeth and restore your smile.

Root canal therapy is a very important restorative dentistry treatment that can potentially save severely damaged teeth. During this treatment Dr. Walley removes infected and damaged tissue from the outer and inner layers of a patient’s tooth. Then, he sterilizes and restores the tooth, so that the patient can regain his or her normal life.

Here are some common dental problems that may require root canal treatment:

  • Broken teeth: dental fractures that affect the nerves of teeth
  • A cavity that has spread from the dental enamel to the inside of the tooth
  • Dental infection that has moved into the nerve of the tooth from the gum tissue

Why pick San Francisco dentist Dr. Walley for root canal therapy?

We Care About Comfort

Nobody likes pain and discomfort. Our staff keeps root canal treatment as painless as possible with sedation options, local anesthesia, and oral conscious sedation. Our friendly dental team will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your experience is outstanding.

Long-Term Results

A root canal can truly be a smile-saving procedure. Root canal therapy eliminates insidious dental infections that may otherwise spread throughout the teeth, oral tissues, and jawbone. And when you restore a damaged tooth, you help to support adjacent teeth, as well as the overall structure of your smile.

One Office To Meet Your Needs

Our dental team will help you get the comprehensive treatment that you need, so that you can get on with your life. We utilize state-of-the-art CEREC crown technology to fabricate and place dental crowns in just one appointment—all within our comfortable office. Come in with a damaged tooth, and leave with a restored smile.