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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Greenbrae, San Mateo CA

Extract wisdom teeth the Walley Way and discover the difference!

Dr. Walley has a specific, unique dental philosophy when it comes to removing wisdom teeth: he never removes all four wisdom teeth in one appointment. Instead, our dental team extracts only one or two wisdom teeth in one sitting.

This extraction method increases patient comfort and decreases extraction-related stress to your body.  

Why choose San Francisco dentist Dr. Walley for wisdom tooth extraction?

Little Post-Treatment Downtime

Our patients do not have to deal with lengthy and difficult healing periods post-extraction. You’ll be able to resume your normal life right away. We always make sure, for example, to work on only one side of your mouth at a time, so that you can always chew and speak post-treatment.

Cost Effective

Removing wisdom teeth in successive appointments (rather than all at once) is also more cost effective for you, the patient. And the treatment process is less traumatic for your oral tissues, so you do not need to use large quantities of expensive, intense sedatives to get through it.

Comfortable Care

We offer effective pain-management options to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment process. Laughing gas can make you feel calm in the dentist’s chair, as can oral conscious sedation (which involves the patient taking a small pill before treatment). Our dental team will help you determine what kind of relaxation treatment is best for you!