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Straighten your smile subtley and discreetly.

Transparent Invisalign aligners are the clear alternative to unsightly metal braces.

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Dr. Walley considers Invisalign to be the most important advancement in dentistry that he has seen in his 40 + years as a dentist.

Invisalign straightens your teeth using clear, removable, and comfortable aligners, rather than traditional metal braces. You will receive a new Invisalign aligner every two weeks, and each aligner moves your teeth a little closer to their ideal positions.

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During treatment you can eat your favorite foods, drink your favorite drinks, and care for your smile as you normally do. You will take out your aligners to clean your smile and to eat and drink—otherwise your aligners stay in place day and night.

Transparent Invisalign aligners blend in with your teeth, and allow your smile to shine through during the treatment process.

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Why do people choose San Francisco dentist Dr. Walley for Invisalign?

Trust Experience

Over the past 12 years, Dr. Walley has helped over 600 people discover their dream smiles using Invisalign. He has also used Invisalign to fix patients' bites, to perfect dental alignments, and to save teeth. The Invisalign company has named him a Premier and Elite Invisalign provider. Trust your smile to this proven practitioner—and take a look at our before and after pictures to get an idea of what is possible!


We want to make it easy and practical for patients to perfect their teeth using Invisalign. To that end, our practice:

  • Offers financing plans to keep Invisalign affordable. We accept CareCredit, Lending Club, and CitiHealth financing, as well as a number of insurance carriers.
  • Utilizes innovative technologies that can cut Invisalign treatment time in half—our dental team can give you more information at your consultation.
  • Works with our patients to keep in-office appointments quick and efficient.
Enhance Oral Health

Dr. Walley knows that Invisalign can actually improve the health of your smile, along with its appearance. Crowded teeth are difficult to keep clean, so patients with misaligned teeth are prone to gum disease and cavities. Dr. Walley uses Invisalign to help patients achieve attractive smiles that will stay healthy for years. Improved dental alignment can even alleviate chronic snoring.

Complimentary Certificate

$79 exam! Includes complete x-rays and routine cleaning (a $299 value).

Or $1 custom teeth whitening after completion of new patient exam, complete x-rays, and cleaning at full fee (a $314 value).

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Dentistry changes people’s lives, and for the past 40 years, I have enjoyed making such a positive difference in my community.

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